Who We Are

Tchuska products line  


Industry J. M. Farm has three divisions of cosmetics, sells about 300 items and is manufacturer of pet products 59 Tchuska brand. The company is in the market for over 15 years serving the needs of groomers and professional pet segment. The Tchuska produces unique rows of natural coloring pigments and fancy for dogs with faded coat due to age or sun exposure, stepping-stone remover, staining and light brush with keratin molecule imported expansion.


All Tchuska Cosmetics products for animals are hypoallergenic, high quality and proven result. The packages are displayed in different sizes and formats, including gallons of shampoo and conditioner 5 liter. The groomer can expect natural color pigments for nuances and fantasy in treatment line coat and aesthetics, perfume and odoriferous glow 100% silicone for finalization. The line of resale to end customer offers in 120 ml perfumes, shampoo and conditioner in 250 ml and in gallons.