Tchuska Cosmetics is in the market for over 20 years  and has three divisions of business with about 40 products. Two are  for human and animal, but special for  groomers. The Tchuska produces unique rows of natural coloring pigments and fancy for dogs with faded coat due to age or sun exposure, stepping-stone remover, staining and light brush with keratin molecule imported expansion.

The Tchuska import the hydronic vaporize  that give agility the hair treatment , offer thermal blanket in three size and finalized flit no frizz. “We import the vaporize to make easy the  groomer job in process of cauterization and finalization”, say the manager of company, Camila Martins. The vaporize provides fast cauterization and hair crystallization.  To protect the  groomer hands of action detergent  of shampoos, Tchuska make exclusive  gloves of silicone, cream to apply in the hands the each twice or three time rise. The product does not out in the water, does not stay on the animal and protect the hands of dryness and cracking, especially in winter.

All Tchuska Cosmetics products for animals are hypoallergenic, high quality and proven result. The packages are displayed in different sizes and formats, including gallons of shampoo and conditioner 5 liter. The groomers can expect natural color pigments for nuances and fantasy in treatment line coat and aesthetics, perfume and odoriferous glow 100% silicone for finalization.



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